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Drive your potential and build an exciting, fast paced career in a global company. Join CAReer – The Top Talent Program. Enhance your innate leadership qualities, while getting valuable insights into the value chain of a global operating company.   See how your work fits within Daimler. Build up a strong, stable network of contacts across the company.

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Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders
CAReer is designed to develop our next generation of managers. The duration of this program is 15 to 18 months. During your 1st year at CAReer, you get a full picture of a globally producing company starting in your entry placement. You will get to know your colleagues, the work environment, and the team’s day to day business. Then, you will step up to associated business fields and gain experience in sales and production. Finally, you step into the global community, working for 3 months in one of our entities abroad. Throughout the CAReer year, trainees attend two training modules abroad with other CAReer fellows. Then, CAReer trainees return with an organization-wide personal network, advanced production, marketing, and operational knowledge, as well as diverse practical experience. CAReer - The Top Talent Program builds a fundamental domain of growth and success within Daimler.
Entry Function
Engineering, Research and Development, Human Resource Management, Manufacturing and Related Functions, Life Cycle Management, Sales and Marketing, Corporate Communication, Finance and Controlling, Information Technology, Procurement, and finally, Legal and Compliance Departments. 
Characteristics of successful candidates
CAReer is aimed at high-qualified graduates and exceptional professionals with dynamic personalities and excellent interpersonal skills. Candidates will be expected to take responsibility right from the start and have a strong initiative to accompany their professional and academic skills which will also be taken into account during the screening process. Requirements will include international experience for a minimum of 6 months, business level English skills, and practical experience from internships or other jobs.
Selection process
Recruiters invite successfully screened candidates to a CAReer Day at Mitsubishi Fuso headquarters in Tokyo. It is then followed by a CAReer Assessment Center in Tokyo, where you will need to participate. It is important to remember that all accommodation and transportation fees will be covered by the candidate.
The CAReer Day consists of two parts 
Part I: Mitsubishi Fuso at a Glance: An introduction to our Business Fields and an explanation of CAReer - The Top Talent Program. 
Part II: Aiming Group Discussion to learn more about you and preselect the top candidates.
These candidates do an online test in their own space during a given time period. Those who pass the online test successfully take part in a full day CAReer Assessment. Here, the performances and behavior of candidates will be evaluated by hiring managers and company representatives who select the best ones for each position.
Become a part of our team, where everything is possible because you make it happen!