Diversity Management

Diversity @ Daimler

We value diversity in people, with an empowered workforce from many countries. Our people have a sense of their potential through their different skills and knowledge. They bring a variety of ideas and viewpoints, leading to even more creativity and higher rates of innovation. Diversity not only has a positive effect on productivity, it also makes work fun and interesting. That's why diversity is deeply reflected and promoted in our corporate culture.
Gender diversity
We are committed to equal career opportunities for women and men, and we value the contributions both make to our company. We have a target for placing women in management positions, with 'aspirational guidelines' that define targets for the number of women in leading positions in each division. Daimler Trucks established this policy across the entire group to increase promotional opportunities for female employees.
Daimler promotes multiculturalism throughout the world. With over 140 nations represented in the company and with cross-border cooperation an ever stronger feature of the market, we actively pursue a policy of internationality. By targeting the recruitment of global executives and employees to undertake focused training and workshops, our multicultural workplace is constantly developing.
Generations in management
Daimler is prepared for the demographic challenges facing the global market and is always ready for new challenges. Health management ergonomics and knowledge transferred from retiring employees to rising young talent is a key feature of the four generations active in our workforce: traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X and generation Y, each with their own knowledge and understanding. By creating effective communication and collaboration between old and young, we aim to bridge the generations, so all our people, whatever their age, can learn from and with each other.   
We are committed to diversity. Mitsubishi Fuso’s recruitment becomes more culturally diverse every year, with ambitious people from all walks of life helping to solve the world’s most challenging technological and manufacturing problems.