High School Students At Daimler Trucks

Listen to our people tell their stories. Learn more through our 'Day in the Life' profiles.

   Takuya S.
   Light Duty Truck Assembling
1. What were your impressions after entering Mitsubishi Fuso?
My first impression was, wow MFTBC is a really big company. After the six months training I am happy that I entered such an attractive automotive manufacturer because my department is so energetic and engaged. When I tell the people around me that I work at Mitsubishi Fuso I do so with pride. After all, it is a global company with excellent and secure opportunities for the future of young people.
2. Why did you choose to join Mitsubishi Fuso?
I used to play with miniature model cars when I was a little kid and since then I always wanted to work for a company which is related to it. When I first saw the job description I knew that this is the company I was dreaming of because Mitsubishi Fuso offers technologically interesting products like the heavy duty trucks and buses.
3. What are your future dreams and what do you want to do at Mitsubishi Fuso?
My aim is to make the safeties and eco-friendliest trucks for the society all over the world. For sure, they should also look attractive, but for me it is more important and in future I want to be responsible for, to get our trucks and buses with the highest possible quality on the road to make our customers happy and Mitsubishi Fuso even more successful.
4. My message to young people.
Mitsubishi Fuso is a company which evaluates according on your effort. Believe in yourself and let’s drive together to make our company successful
We are all waiting for you!
   Kanami H.
   Stamping, Paint & Body Shop
1. What is your task at Mitsubishi Fuso?
In my department, we finish coating (over coat), the cap body and resin parts.
2. When do you feel challenging?
I often feel being challenged, but well worth working when I see our trucks in the city. Also I feel strong pride in my heart when I think that the trucks which I lay a hand on, are driving all over the world. It is so exciting for me to work on the production line, and when I see metallic colored trucks I really can’t take my eyes of it until they are out of my site.
3. What are your future dreams and what do you want to do at Mitsubishi Fuso?
Of course I have to keep up my engineering techniques, but I guess in a few years I will be an expert. It is important to develop constantly yourself as well as our technologies and production process’ to be always one step ahead of our competitors. But this challenge is like the engine in our trucks – it does not stop but speeds up us.
4. My message to young people.
In Mitsubishi Fuso, there are uniqueness and excitements of manufacturing. There are some difficulties to learn the higher engineering techniques. However, there are always supervisors and colleagues who will support you and you will be filled with a feeling of accomplishment that is unspeakable after you have overcome the difficulties.
Come on and let us produce our powerful and great trucks together!
   Kota M.
   Production Powertrain
1. Why did you choose to join Mitsubishi Fuso?
I really like cars and always wanted to work something related to cars. Compared to passenger cars, trucks are more dynamic and very important to make daily life easier. For me trucks are “emotional” products, and all our employees show such a high identification and fascination with the brand. Products and people are just great. Further Mitsubishi Fuso offers excellent career perspectives and development opportunities for everyone. Mitsubishi Fuso is more than one of the most popular employers for me. So I decided to start my career at the production lines of Mitsubishi Fuso.
2. What were your impressions after entering Mitsubishi Fuso?
Mitsubishi Fuso is really focusing on the development of its employees. For me it started with an exciting six-month training program. Even though not everybody has that much knowledge about vehicles, the training was a very good preparation for my future tasks at Mitsubishi Fuso. During this we had a lot different modules to improve our hard and soft skills and I am really proud of to make use of them in my daily work now.
3. My message to young people.
Mitsubishi Fuso produces Trucks for business all over the world. An our people are the key to bring the trucks on road. I am proud to work in that motivating environment.