Mid-Careers at Daimler Trucks

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   Shuji Yamada
   Senior Manager, Head of PE Design Trucks and Buses
   PE Design Trucks and Buses


1. What makes it attractive or special to work for Mitsubishi Fuso?
Mitsubishi Fuso is an important player in Asia and also a member of Daimler, a truly global Company.
We have extensive experience in the Asian market for 80 years and are supported by Daimler global network.
2. Please describe a typical day.
05:30am    Get-up and take my dog for a walk
07:00am    On the way to work
08:00am    Check emails from engineers, modelers, and the colleagues in Germany
08:30am    Meeting with colleagues (Chief designer, Designers, and Modelers)
09:00am    Review of idea sketches/models for products and the Advanced design (e.g. the concept
                  car for the next Tokyo Motor Show) and direct the refinement
12:00pm    Lunch with colleagues
01:00pm    Meeting with engineers for our new Product
02:00pm    Review of design data and cue the direction of refinement
04:00pm    Check the result of sketches/models refinements and approve it
                  Support and give advice to young designer for their sketches
06:00pm    Reply emails from engineers, modelers, and the colleagues in Germany
06.30pm    Short break
07:00pm    Telephone conference with colleagues in Germany
08:00pm    Drive home
09:00pm    Dinner at home
10:00pm    Check private emails and Facebook and sometimes painting or crafts as hobbies
11:30pm    Go to bed
3. My short message to young people.
Our job, Styling-Design is an artistic job but slightly different from fine arts.
Styling-Design is a process to find the best solution with many requirements that come from engineering, production and customers etc.
The more difficult the work is, the better the chance to show off our abilities.
The more difficult the project, the more excited and happier we get when we see our products on the roads.
Why don't you come and join us and experience such happiness!
   Patrick Burghardt
   Director, Head of Procurement
   Procurement Trucks Asia & Global


1. What makes it attractive or special to work for Mitsubishi Fuso?
Mitsubishi Fuso is a true Japanese company who is part of the true global company Daimler.
Therefore, we have the best of both companies combined and working with a high competence team which is particular valid for Procurement.
2. Please describe to us your typical day.
05:45am    Get-up
07:00am    On the way to work
07:45am    Review of the emails from Germany, US, Brazil and India
08:30am    Negotiation review with all Senior Manager
10:30am    Supplier Negotiation
12:00pm    Lunch with some Buyers
01:00pm    Cross functional awarding meeting with R&D, Controlling, Project Management, Supplier
                  Management for our new Product Project
03:00pm    Follow-up meeting on HR topics
04:00pm    Call with the Colleagues from India on our Low Cost Country Initiative
05:00pm    QM Steering Committee
06:00pm    Global Video Conference Procurement on Annual Negotiation status with India, Germany, US
                  and Brazil
09:00pm    Emails of the day
10:00pm    Drive home, call Supplier in Germany to follow-up on supply issues he have
11:00pm    Have dinner at home
12:30am    Go to bed
3. My short message to young people.
As a talent who would like to work in the automotive industry, Mitsubishi Fuso offers you an environment in which one can develop her- or himself to become a global leader. You will be able to foster skills locally and globally and those skills will stay with you throughout the rest of your life.