New Grads & Young Professionals at Daimler Trucks

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   Minori Takekoshi
   Overseas Production/Projects
   Overseas Operations Management
1. Why did you choose to join Mitsubishi Fuso?
It provides an environment to challenge myself to achieve my goals and dream.
The experience of volunteering in Tanzania, where I studing in an university there made me feel that people in developing countries have very limited life options. From that experience, I had a big dream to want to help them to increase their options in life. In order to achieve this dream I thought Mitsubishi can support not only the foundation of economy but also people’s daily life through manufacturing & selling commercial vehicles with the right logistics. Mitsubishi is also in charge of Asia & Africa market, as one of Daimler group member, so it has big sales in emergent countries and developing countries. The above points attracted me to join Mitsubishi Fuso.
2. What makes it attractive or special to work for Mitsubishi?
I am attracted to not only Mitsubishi Fuso business but also many chances it provides to develop myself. In Mitsubishi Fuso we have open communication with all our colleagues regardless of gender, age, nationality etc. We have an equal chance to challenge. My boss actually encourages me to do this as I have not had much experience before. Those challenges make me to develop myself and push me forward every time.           
3. Please describe roughly the first year with us.         
April 2012:                Join MFTBC
April-May 2012:        Production Training (MDT Engine Assembly/Cylinder Head Manufacturing)
June 2012:               Dealer Training in Chiba
July 2012:                 Assigned to Overseas Production Department
                                  In charge of Thai, Russia, Indonesia
August 2012:            Managed one of FUSO 2015 projects: 'Kids day' with colleagues
July-October 2012:   Was taught standard knowledge, in lecture style, with team member
                                 (what KD business is, how to support KD plants etc.)
October 2012:           Managed 'Family day-Indonesia booth' with Indonesian trainees
November 2012:        Joined CSR brainstorming
Nov 2012-now:          Experienced new model launching in overseas plant project by OJT
                                  Experienced many Telcos, crossfunctional expat team meetings, dealt with business
                                  trip from Thai
4. My message to young people.
There is the environment to challenge various things in Mitsubishi Fuso. There is the environment where you can express your opinion and colleagues can hear it and put it into action. And, most important of all there are a lot of people with warm hearts! I am sure that here is very wonderful environment to develop yourself. I wish you good luck in your job search and hope you have an amazing journey!
   Toshihiko Niki
   CAReer – The Talent Program
   Global Hybrid Center & PE HEV System Trucks
1. What makes it attractive or special to work for Mitsubishi Fuso?
Dealing with cutting edge technology in Hybrid area and working for the competitive automobile industry. Mitsubishi Fuso is currently chasing our competitive top runner so we have to make considerable effort to reach to the top. This means we have to achieve more sales on our part by producing attractive products.
2. Please describe to us your experience with CAReer - The Talent Program.
My supervisor for my international CAReer program showed me what a good role model is like for creating more business.
He incorporates face to face communication into his daily life and promote the hybrid activity of R&D with different business units. I was able to have such an experience because of my CAReer assignment in Germany.
3. What is it like to work with internationals?
It is always challenging to integrate people from different cultural backgrounds. However, it is one the most exciting thing when, with our differences, we work together to achieve the same goal.
4. My short message to young people.
Share your goals and be an inspiration to each other.
   Tomoko Ohno
   CAReer - The Talent Program
   Sales & After Sales Fuso
   Daimler Central / Eastern Europe, Africa & Asia
1. What makes it attractive or special to work for Mitsubishi Fuso?
CAReer program was one of the motivations to start working at Mitsubishi Fuso. I wanted to work in an international environment in sales so naturally I thought Sales & After Sales Fuso was a great place to start my career.  
2. Please describe to us your experience in CAReer - The Talent Program.
I worked in many departments and with different teams within Fuso. At first, I worked in the plant and acquired the pride of being a member of the Fuso family. It was one of the most valuable experiences in my life to work at Kawasaki plant. Then I went to Koto branch (dealer) for training and learned the domestic market. As for my second project, I was working at Sales & After Sales in Stuttgart, Germany for three months, where the department of market management Fuso is situated and where I was responsible for African market. Daily work is not so different from my home department work, but it was an eye-opening experience because the German working style and approach is very different from the Japanese one. There is no right and wrong but I was able to acquire the different point of view through the project at Sales & After Sales Fuso. Now I am working in Fuso Daimler Financial Services Japan Co,. Ltd. for my final project, where I am learning and seeing things through the financial. It is interesting to see the customers from a different perspective because I can have a more comprehensive understanding of the truck business. I really appreciate the support that everyone has given and continue to give me throughout my CAReer program and I am happy to be a CAReer trainee.
3. What is it like to work with internationals?
It is very exciting to work with people who come from different cultures and backgrounds and I really enjoy working with them. Of course it is not easy because of the cultural differences and working styles but I know this would be an optimum opportunity to create new ideas and to solve problems with a variety of perspectives. Through the CAReer program, I have worked with many non-Japanese people and this experience has taught me how exciting it is to work with internationals because we can multiply our possibilities.
4. My short message to young people.
The CAReer program is a great program for young people. You can experience and understand many functions in Daimler AG that will help you in the future. If you are interested, just try it! In addition, with the CAReer program you do not only get the experience to work in various teams and departments but there are also lots of chances to meet new people all over the world. This is a challenging and exciting program that I would like to recommend to everyone.