Our Global Hybrid Center

Canter Eco-Hybrid Movie

Mitsubishi Fuso designs and produces hybrid vehicles. That's where our expertise lies. Green technology, CO₂emissions reduction, green procurement, and recycling technologies are expanding globally at great speed. Daimler AG’s worldwide competence center for hybrid electric vehicle technology development is here. A recent innovation of the Global Hybrid Center is the DUONIC® dual-clutch transmission with hybrid motor. Receiving the historic RJC Car of the Year 2013 Special Award, it was highly praised as the world’s first dual-clutch transmission incorporating a hybrid motor. Its compact, high performance laminated lithium (Li)-ion battery, and its lower fuel consumption and emissions, provide smooth and seamless gear change without shock or torque interruption. It epitomizes Mitsubishi Fuso's commitment to building a society where environmental preservation and economic development go hand in hand.
Our "Zero Emission" Canter - just one example to become a leader in green innovation
Mitsubishi Fuso is striving to become a leader in green innovation so we established the “Zero Emission” Canter E-CELL that is being developed based on the latest conventional diesel Canter light-duty truck model.
This all-electric light-duty truck has zero CO2 emissions while driving. The battery-electric driven Canter E-CELL truck works towards achieving emissions-free mobility in densely populated areas and environmentally-sensitive areas. Key components include lithium-ion batteries (40 kWh) and an electric motor (output of 70 kW, maximum torque of 300 Nm). The vehicle can travel about 120 km with a 10-hour charge (200 V).
One Canter E-CELL incorporating a wireless battery charging system is planned for supply in the summer of 2013 under an overall NEXCO Central project to develop electric vehicles for expressway maintenance and control.