Our Production Facilities

Mitsubishi Fuso operates a comprehensive global R&D and production network, based in Japan and other locations across Asia and Europe.
Kawasaki Plant
An extensive range of Mitsubishi Fuso duty trucks are produced at the Kawasaki Plant. Here, the Research & Development Center conducts research into emissions, noise reduction, recycling, hybrid electric systems, along with active and passive technology development.
Kitsuregawa Proving 
The Kitsuregawa Proving Ground is a test course facility for validating our technology. Since 1980, an anti-lock brake test circuit, an EMI testing wing, engine research wing, and drivetrain component testing wing have been added. The facility is currently engaged in advanced research into engines and other components, vehicle on-road testing, and bench testing of function, performance, durability and reliability. The facility's high-speed
circuit is one of the largest in the world for trucks and buses.
Nakatsu Plant
Our Nakatsu Plant produces fully-integrated processed transmission cogwheels for car and truck transmissions. There is also a parts depot center and a motor pool for finished vehicles. The well-equipped production line for machining and carburizing transmission gears is laid out for maximum production and in-plant handling efficiencies. The Quality Control Department is fully equipped with engine benches and cogwheel inspection
Mitsubishi Fuso Bus 
Manufacturing Company 
Mitsubishi Fuso Bus manufactures heavy and medium-weight buses, along with a series of dry goods, chilled and refrigerated truck bodies.