Young Engineers at Daimler Trucks

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   Takuya  Ogawa
   Senior Manager, Manufacturing Engineering Trucks Fuso
   Manufacturing Engineering Trucks 1 Japan
1. How is it like working at Fuso as a Production Engineer?
What is expected in Production Engineering is to harmonize the productivity, the quality, and the cost. Generally, when you hear “Production Engineering”, most people will think of planning, designing, and introducing automated equipment, but that is not all. In fact it is a much broader and deep concept. It is difficult to express in one word, so I would say “Production Engineering is manufacturing, protecting, and evolving the process and the plant itself”. This would be the best way to express the meaning of Production Engineering.
2. My short message to young people.
Change & Challenge. We have to keep evolving. If we become satisfied with the current condition, the competitors will rapidly surpass us as they are putting in their effort to evolve day by day. Each member in the team has this “Change & Challenge” mindset and when these minds come together, I believe that there will be a stronger and maximized organizational power, strength, and ability that will be demonstrated.